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Clan Borthwick Marches at the Edinburgh Tattoo We were delighted with the turnout of Borthwicks at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the 17th August 2017.

Below is a link to the photographs taken at the event. We shared our evening with the Clan Skene who also appear in some of the photographs.

It was a beautiful evening and will be something we all remember for a long time to come, especially being piped up the Royal Mile through the throngs of tourists and street performers.

We managed an inadvertent photo opportunity outside Borthwick Close! Apologies for the delay in posting the photographs. If anyone would like to order any of the photographs, they are free to download for the Clan.


Borthwick Clan Gathering July 2015

Lunch at Castle Borthwick - click a thumbnail to see a larger image


Angus Lockhart at the lunch at
Castle Borthwick


It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Angus Hew Lockhart of the Lee, Chief of Clan Lockhart on 20th November 2015. Angus died unexpectedly at home with his wife, Su at his side. Following a private family cremation a service of thanksgiving for his life was held at Biggar Kirk on 3rd December. The Borthwick family would like to offer their sincere condolences to the Lockhart family and members of Clan Lockhart.

Drinks Party - click a thumbnail to see a larger image

It is easy now for Clansmen to keep in touch via the internet. The initial costs of setting up the Clan Web site has been solely financed by the Chief. It is hoped that sales of merchandise, which will be available through the Borthwick Bazaar, will help to finance future additions to the site and other expenses. So far, no money has been taken from the small bank balance of the Association, which has been accruing a tiny amount of interest for some years. This money will be solely used for any expenses occurring in the running costs of the Association, e.g. the printing of Clan Certificates. These expenses will be recorded and available for perusal by Clan members. Future gatherings and social events will be on a pay-as-you-go basis. Membership to the Association will be free, but of course donations will be very welcome.

The Home Coming 2009 and The Clan Gathering

Almost a year on, let us look back on two happy days spent in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
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The last gathering of the Association was held on 16th September 1995.
24 Members attended a lunch in Borthwick Castle.

Those present were:

The 23rd Lord Borthwick John Hugh, Master of Borthwick
The Hon. Mrs John Borthwick Miss Georgina Borthwick
Miss Alexandra Borthwick Prof. E. Kerr Borthwick
Mrs E.J. Borthwick Dr. A.R Borthwick
Mrs A.R. Borthwick Mr Colin Borthwick
Mrs Colin Borthwick Mr Ramsay Borthwick
Mrs Ramsay Borthwick Mr L. Brian Peek
Mrs Muriel Shaw Mr David Reese
Mrs Christy Reese Mr John W. Borthwick
Mrs Ruth Borthwick Mr Robert D. Raymond
Mrs R. Raymond Mr Alan Greenfield
Mrs Dawn Greenfield  

Guest of The Master of Borthwick- Mr Michael Rose-Cormack-Lyons.