by Adelaide Borthwick

Crookston HouseWhen we moved to Crookston house, I was aware of several stories that my father-in-law Harry Borthwick had told me.

I had experienced an incident some 14 years earlier. At that time we were living in a smaller house on the estate. Renovations were being carried out, and we moved on a temporary basis, with the children to a basement flat at Crookston. During the week, my Father-in-law went up to London to attend business at the House of Lords.

One evening, I was in the sitting room, reading. The girls were in bed. John was out at a meeting. It was very quiet in the house. Then, I became aware of footsteps crossing the Drawing Room of the main house, directly above where I was sitting. I heard what I assumed to be Harry, back from London, cross back and forth three times. I was a little surprised as it was still mid-week. Anyway, I got up to look out the window to see if perhaps the Housekeeper had returned to the house, or indeed to see if Harry's car had returned. Neither were there. I listened for more sounds, but heard nothing, and really thought no more about it, imagining that I had mistaken the sounds of an old house to be footsteps.

A few months later, my Parents came to stay, and on one of the evenings, John and I went out to dine, they kindly babysat. My Father-in-law was again in London. In the morning my Mother said that Harry must have returned in the evening, as she heard him walk across the Drawing room three times, and at one point it sounded as if he had dropped his bunch of keys on the floor. I said No, he was still in London, and remembered the incident I had experienced. When we next saw Harry, I told him about the two similar experiences, and he said Oh Yes, that would be old Grandfather walking about!

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