Hereditary Falconer

In the days when power was vested in the Monarch's Court, it was a useful place to be if one wanted to be granted a favour.Many a Courtier would receive a token or gift for services rendered. Hereditary offices would be granted to Nobles, although often or not, these were more ceremonial than requiring much effort on the part of the recipient. The Borthwick family claim to have been granted the title Hereditary Falconers to the Scots Monarchs. There are no charters to prove it, but references survive to their role prior to 1603.

The picture above shows Mary Queen of Scots out hunting with the Lord Borthwick of the day, below Borthwick Castle.

A spoof - a falcon capturing the present 'Falconers' Bonnet and feathers!
From a mural at Crookston House.