1406 King James 1st of Scotland seized and imprisoned in the Tower of London

Sir William 1st of Borthwick granted charter of lands of Borthwick, Selkirkshire by Regent Albany 1410
1413 Henry V King of England 1424-1427 Sir William Borthwick of Borthwick 1st -hostage for James 1st 1424
1415 Capture of Harfleur,
Battle of Agincourt
Sir William Borthwick 2nd of Borthwick (3rd son of William 1st) granted licence to build Borthwick Castle 1430
1430 Joan of Arc burnt at the stake Sir William of Borthwick 2nd dies and is succeeded by his son 1449
1455 Battle of St Albans, Wars of Roses begins Sir William 3rd of Borthwick created 1st Lord Borthwick in the Peerage of Scotland - Lord of Parliament 1455-57 1450
1467 Erasmus Born Commissioner to treat with England 1459
1483 Edward 1V dies, succeeded by his son Edward V who is murdered in the Tower of London. Richard 111 succeeds to the Throne Sir William 3rd of Borthwick dies and is succeeded by his son 1483
1492 Columbus sails on his first voyage William 2nd Lord Borthwick - Master of the Household to James 111 1485
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